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Our DPF Solution

To replace a DPF can cost between £750 and £2000.

Our solution, which includes FREE engine tuning, costs up to 75% less and is a one off cost.

The most important benefit you will see is the significant fuel cost savings from Remapping High Wycombe’s economy ECU remapping. Rising fuel prices won’t hurt so much when your car is properly tuned. The more you drive with an Economy Tune, the more you save!

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FAQ: Is Your DPF Solution Legal?

ANSWER: Yes, our solution is legal.

It is an offence to use a vehicle on the road that no longer complies with the emissions standards it was designed to meet. This however means that changing any part of the exhaust or emissions system with a part other than the vehicle manufacturer’s original part may change the emissions meaning it could be an offence. In reality emissions testing outside the London Emissions Zone (LEZ) is normally limited to the standard MOT test.

From February 2014 the inspection of the exhaust system carried out during the MOT will include a visual check for the presence of a DPF, if fitted as standard equipment.

Our DPF technique results in retaining the original assembly and on completion there is no visual difference.

Prices Start From £249Inc Vat